In our last blog post, we outlined six ideas from our consultants on how to consolidate dealership data more successfully. Now we’re going to share our KPIs from a live project for Honda to give you targets to aim for.

Our consultants use our DataHub service to integrate data from Honda’s UK network of dealers. With nearly eight years of continuous service, our solution for Honda has proven robust and has buy-in from the dealer network too. We’ve seen a great many changes to the dealership network, but DataHub manages those changes to ensure continuous supply of accurate data.

Here’s what a successful system like Honda’s will look like:

  • More than 200 dealers in the network
  • 4 month design and implementation
  • 99+% of dealers uploading daily
  • New dealer added in one working day
  • 80% of dealers have had no downtime
  • Dealership management system changes dealt with in one working day.

Click here to find out more about our work with Honda.

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