The latest release of Transformation Manager, a robust data integration toolkit for developers, is launched today.

Transformation Manager is a software suite capable of tackling even the most complex data movement projects.  With a ten-year track record in data movement, Transformation Manager is used by some of the world’s largest companies to manage their data.  It is also used by the Oil & Gas industry’s most successful software vendors to develop data connectors and loaders.  The software is specifically designed to enable users to connect, transform and integrate data from any source to any target system.

The new version, Transformation Manager 5.2, includes a host of useful features.  These include a debugger, making error detection a more straightforward process.  Developers can now also save time by running projects within the software’s Designer tool, helping to speed development and creating a faster test cycle.  The user interface has been enhanced, with a clearer indication of any data in a transformation that has not been mapped.  This enables a more precise transformation, with reduced potential for user error.

Transformation Manager 5.2 is available now.  For more information, or to request a demo, please contact Karl Glenn, Business Development Director at ETL Solutions, on +44 (0)1248 675070 or email