ETL launches Salesforce CRM integration service

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DataHub, the data integration service provided by ETL Solutions, can now combine customers’ data with the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce is a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  It is important that Salesforce is integrated with other business applications, ensuring that data flows seamlessly throughout the business in real-time.

DataHub can now aggregate, cleanse and upload data from separate applications to the Salesforce platform, providing clients with straightforward access to up-to-date, accurate customer data. A multitude of data sets can be combined, eliminating the need to search different systems to find data. The service can be tailored to each client’s exact requirements, providing flexibility and ensuring that clients receive the precise configuration required.

“Salesforce is without doubt the CRM that our clients most frequently need to interact with,” said Karl Glenn, Sales Director at ETL Solutions.  “Our clients can now enjoy an accurate, 360-degree view of their customer information from across all their business’s applications. With this new Salesforce capability, DataHub ensures complete connectivity across an organisation’s sales, support and marketing departments.”

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