Urban Science and ETL team up to make automotive aftersales data extraction cost-effective and efficient across Europe

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17 January 17 2024 – Urban Science® today announced its collaboration with ETL Solutions, a leading global data integration firm, to unlock new aftersales capabilities and efficiencies for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with retail operations in Europe. ETL Solutions’ data extraction capabilities effectively eliminate time-and budget-related challenges that hinder many OEMs from extracting aftersales performance data from their respective retail outlets across Europe. Urban Science’s collaboration with ETL Solutions enables seamless data integration with ServiceView™ – the automotive industry’s premier science-driven aftersales performance solution – to help automakers achieve business certainty even as the continued adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) introduces new challenges and opportunities regarding dealership service retention, and customer loyalty overall, as retailers continue to sell and service a strong base of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

“According to some forecasts, EVs will represent 71% of new-vehicle sales in Europe by 2032, but the stark reality is many automakers operating in the region lack the tools and technology necessary to thrive in the aftersales landscape amid the electrification surge,” said Paul Dillamore, regional managing director, Europe, Urban Science. “By teaming up with ETL Solutions, we’ve made European aftersales data extraction easy and cost-effective, allowing us to offer ServiceView in Europe, and in turn empower European aftersales teams and retailers to succeed through new levels of clarity and cohesion in this dynamic market.”

ETL Solutions’ seamless integration of retailers’ aftersales data from 50 dealer management system (DMS) platforms into ServiceView™ enables European automakers to generate actionable, science-driven insights that position them to:

  • Improve decision-making processes by identifying and presenting the most relevant information for service-penetration efforts, service trends, network retention, performance and geographic opportunities.
  • Streamline field management, allowing for quick identification of performance-improvement opportunities and expediting creation of unique action plans for each retailer.

“We’re proud to be working with Urban Science to bring our data integration capabilities to a wider audience across Europe,” said Richard Cook, chief technical officer, ETL Solutions. “By integrating with ServiceView, we can help OEMs to achieve greater value from their data. This is ever more important in a market facing economic turbulence and increased innovation.”

ServiceView™, used by leading global automakers around the world, also identifies evolving key performance metrics and analysis opportunities across an entire service department, and delivers process and tactical insights for driving service quality, revenue and profitability amidst small and large industry and economic shifts. In addition to helping automakers achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity across their retail networks, ServiceView™ also benefits retailers by guiding them to enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by better positioning them to target the right customers to drive retention and revenue growth.

“Bringing ServiceView’s unique benefits to Europe will foster stability and growth for OEMs and retailers alike,” said Dillamore. “The EV future is still taking shape and its short- and long-term impact on service touchpoints and subsequent revenue pressure is real, so it’s critical that forward-thinking automotive firms in the region anchor their future planning efforts in science – not speculation – to win now and in the future as electrification continues to surge.”

Visit the ServiceView™ page on the Urban Science® website for additional information about this solution’s science-driven capabilities and benefits.

About Urban Science®

Urban Science is a leading automotive consultancy and technology firm that serves automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers, and the advertising technology companies that support them, around the world. Headquartered in Detroit and operating in 21 office locations globally, Urban Science taps the power of its science – and its unrivaled data, solution offerings and industry expertise – to create clarity for clients in even the most chaotic market conditions. Visit UrbanScience.com for more information about how Urban Science helps automotive manufacturers and dealers gain competitive edges by taking the guesswork out of critical business decisions, and in turn drives improved efficiency and profitability industrywide.

About ETL Solutions

ETL Solutions was founded in 2002 to help organizations gain value from even the most complex data. The company’s proprietary DataHub system delivers accurate, actionable data to blue chip clients worldwide, including leading automotive OEMs. Right now, ETL is extracting, cleansing and analyzing data from thousands of automotive dealers in over 25 markets. Find out more about ETL’s services.