10 essential elements of a DMS integration plan

Integrating data from multiple dealer management systems (DMS) is tricky. But a successful integration can have a multitude of benefits, from retaining current customers and predicting their needs, to gaining new customers. To ensure that you reap the rewards of your data integration project, careful planning is required.

Our free webinar is designed to help you in a practical way. We’ll show you the ten components that our consultants always include to create a fail-safe DMS data integration plan. Best of all, you’ll see real-world examples from our projects to inform your data integration planning. They’re taken directly from the plans we create for automotive clients worldwide.

Webinar details

Date: Wednesday 12 July 2023

Time: 2.00pm British Summer Time (London) See your time zone here.

Webinar duration: 20 minutes.

Presenter: Jane Steen, Head of Engagement, ETL

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