Achieve an accessible view of your travel data

Travel safety and security companies require the very latest data to keep their clients safe and informed. The industry’s leading providers rely on our DataHub integration service to deliver up-to-date information, accurately.


Wide-ranging connectivity.

DataHub collects and consolidates data from a wide range of travel and security systems. Our latest connectivity includes Cvent and, complementing the data received by DataHub from security databases and cloud networks. The source data is verified and standardised, before being split into actionable data components and fed into live tracking systems.

Complete flexibility.

Our clients enjoy a flexible range of delivery formats to suit their specific requirements. The DataHub system can collect and manage your travel data for provision of your own solutions, or simply add on one or more of our bespoke modules to deliver a full end-to end-service.

System-level reports are available for live monitoring of connection availability, giving immediate notification should any of the data sources or target locations no longer be available. Management reporting is also available, including data quality reports to ensure that the data within the systems is running optimally throughout the year, 24/7.

The consolidated data enables our clients to monitor their travellers and provide up-to-the-minute protection, along with the ability to integrate data from booking systems and travel websites.