Proprietary software that’s at the heart of our data services

Transformation Manager is the data movement software deployed within our DataHub integration service. It is also used to create one-off data migrations for our clients. Flexible and extensible, Transformation Manager is used by our consultants to connect, transform and consolidate data from any source to any target system.


How Transformation Manager works

An efficient approach.

Transformation Manager is a metadata-driven code generator. It combines a graphical user interface with a statement-driven mapping language. This combination produces lightweight code that’s robust enough for any data integration challenge.

A rich Java environment.

Transformation Manager derives metadata from the elements, attributes and relationships in the source and target models. The software then uses rules specified by our Simple Mapping Language to generate code written in Java. This code can then be easily implemented in any data movement situation.

Flexible options.

Deployed for you as part of our DataHub service, or implemented by our consultants for your one-off migration… Transformation Manager works any way you need it to.

Software architecture

Transformation Manager is designed as an open system. All models and transform logic are stored in a text-based metadata repository, which can be easily shared by multiple team members. The flexibility of Transformation Manager enables our consultants to apply any source control software against this repository to manage transformations. All Transformation Manager’s proprietary tools share the repository, creating a streamlined process.

Design tool.

The Designer is a tool that develops, debugs and maintains transformation projects. The tool has a clear, streamlined interface with a host of useful features.

Test tool.

The Migrator is a user-friendly interface for setting up and running projects. It’s perfect for using sample data to view and check the results of a migration.

Why we created Transformation Manager

  • Reduced risk. Integrated test and debugging environments, together with a complete regression test framework, minimise the risk of errors in a transformation.
  • Light footprint. There’s no need to make changes to our clients’ software architecture. Transformation Manager’s small deployment footprint enables transformations to slot right into existing data flows.
  • Improved efficiency. The software enables our consultants to reuse existing models and transforms, cutting down development time. We use Simple Mapping Language to work transparently across our clients’ organisations.
  • Lower costs. Transformation Manager’s features mean that we can complete projects faster, correct errors early and reduce timescales. And with Transformation Manager, our clients avoid any expensive server hosting.