The heart of our DMS integration service

Transformation Manager is a proprietary data movement software suite deployed within our DataHub service. It has been proven in complex data movement projects across the world. The software enables our consultants to rapidly build systems that connect any dealer management system (DMS) data with any target, accurately.


How Transformation Manager works

Efficient development.

Transformation Manager eliminates the complexities of dealing with databases, SQL, XML, spreadsheets or flat files by treating all of them as standard data models. Our consultants need only focus on the data content and transformation logic, speeding up project deployment.

Flexible and portable.

Adaptability is the hallmark of Transformation Manager. The runtime environment is a set of Java components which can be deployed in any Java-compatible architecture, eliminating the need for costly hardware and software servers. Transformation Manager’s components can be run standalone, or be called from any application, making the software the ideal partner for modern architectures.

Optimum approach.

The software derives metadata from the elements, attributes and relationships in the source and target models. Transformation Manager then uses rules specified by our Simple Mapping Language (SML), which is specifically designed for implementing data transformation projects. Combined with its sophisticated tooling, Transformation Manager provides the ideal approach for data transformation projects: the common language provided by SML; the domain-specific terminology driven by the metadata; and the rich, mature support of the Java environment.

Software architecture

Transformation Manager is designed as an open system. All models and transform logic are stored in a text-based metadata repository, which can be easily shared by multiple developers.

Design tool.

The Designer uses a drag-and-drop interface to develop and maintain transformations. Source and target data models are loaded into the tool, then the source and target attributes are mapped using the software’s streamlined interface. If any complex business logic is needed, this code is easily created using our Simple Mapping Language. The tool has over 350 built-in functions, including database lookups, string manipulation and mathematical functions. Transformation Manager can also call any external function using a Java API, so integrating third party or user calls is very straightforward.

Test tool.

The Migrator enables our consultants to run the software at any time during the design process, using sample data. The tool instantly shows source and target layouts and data content, as well as HTML documentation. Each transform can be tested iteratively to build a system quickly.

Why our consultants use Transformation Manager

  • Reduced rework. Transformation Manager allows our consultants to reuse existing models and transforms, making deployment faster. The software enables us to model impact analysis to determine scope of changes when business structures change.
  • Reduced errors. Integrated test and debugging environments, along with a complete regression test framework, maximises the accuracy of our data integration development work.
  • Proven in global projects. Our consultants use Transformation Manager in the knowledge that it has been deployed in complex data integration projects for some of the world’s largest automotive companies. Manufacturers such as Honda, Nissan and Jaguar Land Rover rely on data streams created using Transformation Manager.