Oil and gas data migrationThe complex challenges of migrating E&P data (Exploration & Production) need to be met with sophisticated well data management solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all methodology that can be applied to all the disparate sources of data and all the proprietary systems in operation within the digital oilfield.

One of the major challenges occurs when centralising data in a master data store, with the aim of standardising data management according to the PPDM model. The challenge is getting different hardware and software applications to communicate with each other. Development teams, whether they’re in-house or a specialist middleware provider, don’t want the data integration solution to affect the overall architecture, and want solutions that work with and around it.

Development teams often use popular enterprise frameworks including Java Enterprise Edition or CORBA to provide the infrastructure for the data integration workflow. However, hand-coding the data integration components can cause similar problems to a hand-coded data migration solution, which is labour-intensive and prone to errors.

This is where ETL Solutions’ expertise comes into its own.  We have a solution that integrates easily and reduces the sometimes tedious effort required to transform data.

One major middleware company uses our Transformation Manager data migration software to develop data connectors, which are complex components with the ability to transform queries and updates against one data model into the equivalent query or update in another. Transformation Manager is used to develop mappings between the two data models, in exactly the same way as if you were implementing a data migration. The generated code is then integrated into the standard connector interfaces to perform the query transformation.

As well as boosting well data management productivity for the major Oil & Gas companies, we make it easier for third parties to develop the connectors. For example, we have designed and implemented a data connector that seamlessly integrates PPDM-based systems with other disparate Oil & Gas systems.

Our PPDM 3.7 and 3.8 Data Connectors allow E&P data to be reformatted, adhering to the PPDM data standard, and written to a PPDM-based system. As well as providing write access, the PPDM Data Connector allows data to be read from a PPDM system. When reading the data, the PPDM Data Connector can be configured to reformat the data. This allows the data to be retrieved in the data format of the originating or other Oil & Gas systems.

A leading supplier of E&P data management systems has successfully incorporated ETL Solutions’ PPDM Data Connector technology. Our client can now help customers migrate their data to a PPDM-based system and allow petroleum data from numerous sources to be collated in a single, PPDM-standardised repository. The PPDM Data Connector also allows Oil & Gas systems to migrate E&P data unobtrusively – creating efficiencies for the business in terms of time, productivity and resources.

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