For best results, use our assessment services before a data migration. Our expert consultants conduct a structured assessment to ensure that you have the best practises and people to make a project a success. The assessments cover two areas: project assessment and staff competency. They may be used individually or together before a data migration.

A project assessment recommends best practice strategies for your project, consistent with open standards and published migration methodologies. Our staff competency assessment ensures that people with appropriate skills are involved.

We are the first data migration service provider to have developed a competency framework designed specifically to support data migration roles. Our framework is based on the structure used by INCOSE’s Systems Engineering Competency Framework. The services help identify and resolve issues that have occurred or are likely to occur in the future, helping to keep the project on track.



Scoping is a more technical review that establishes the scale of a project, its risks and possible difficulties.
Our service is tailored to meet your project requirements. It may include, for example, reviewing potential target and source models, data volumes and the needs of the project. You will receive an initial outline of timescales, workflow, abilities and risks.

This service helps you plan your migration project and provides managers with an understanding of best practice:

  • See how to benefit from reducing risk and completing projects more quickly
  • Understand the impacts of future changes and additions
  • Realise best practice strategy and identify activities to aid the migration project.

Our scoping service provides supporting information when requesting funding, and when resourcing the project internally and externally. It also defines timescales.