Data management specialist ETL has launched a range of services to help new and existing clients maximise the value of their data.

The data analytics services are bespoke modules created for each client by the ETL consultancy team. The optional modules build on a client’s data after it’s been consolidated by ETL’s DataHub system. The modules can also be applied to data that’s been integrated by other systems. The modules take the consolidated data, analyse it and present it in a range of flexible formats.

The KPI Analyser was the first module to be created, at the specific request of a client. It presents consolidated data as a set of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) charts, maps and tables, which can be manipulated to show the data at a wide range of different levels. The bespoke module is designed to meet each client’s specific requirements, providing easy KPI tracking with optimum usefulness to the organisation.


Other optional modules include a Quality Checker, which enables an organisation to easily monitor the performance of different outlets or locations in collecting and processing their data. The Data Visualiser presents the information from DataHub or any other integration platform as actionable graphics. The Stock Analyser helps businesses maximise their profitability by assessing stock levels and inventory locations. The bespoke nature of these services means that clients can also add predictive options to help with forecasting and planning.

“Our new data analytics options complement our DataHub service perfectly”, said Karl Glenn, Sales Director at ETL. “Because each client has unique requirements, each module is adapted by our team to provide maximum flexibility. Our DataHub clients can now add to their system, ensuring that they get the most from the accurate, consolidated data provided by DataHub. We can also assist clients with data that’s already consolidated to get the value they need from even the most complex datasets.”

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