Fast data integration for Honda

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The ability to cost-efficiently combine data from diverse dealer management systems made the dream of network integration a reality for Honda.

The Challenge

Honda UK Manufacturing wanted to improve communications with its dealer network, but this posed several challenges.

The key challenge was that many of their 200 dealers use different types of dealer management system (DMS), preventing easy and quick communication and information sharing. Many of the DMS have different designs, coding standards, business rules and variable options for data export, with a big margin for error.

The dealer network just didn’t ‘talk’ to Honda directly or easily; Honda had wrestled with this problem for almost ten years and something had to be done.

The Solution

Honda selected ETL Solutions for two projects:

1. Service Invoice and Used Car Sales project: to carry out an after-sales ‘Insight’ Customer Satisfaction survey and generate service reminders for all UK dealers.

2. Automatic Parts Replenishment: to transfer data from dealers to Honda’s Automated Planning System (APS) in Brussels. The aim was to compare current stock levels at dealers with sales history and then automatically reorder parts to meet projected demand.

Both projects use our DataHub service. Data is transferred from dealers to the dedicated Honda server at our data centre, where it is verified, and consolidated with data received from Honda. The results are sent to Honda for analysis and to generate next service date reminders.

The projects have revolutionised the way Honda works with dealers:

  • Better communication, relationship and service to dealers
  • Supply chain efficiencies
  • Integration of dealers is now far quicker
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

Today, our consultants continue to integrate data for Honda, providing seamless support services via DataHub.

“Honda has been seeking to achieve dealer network integration for the last ten years. With the help of ETL Solutions, this has finally been achieved. Considering the success, Honda is now planning to extend this approach to the European dealers.” Michael Doyle, Honda UK