ETL launches an new integration with Citrix

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ETL has added a new integration to the company’s DataHub service. The data integration system now connects to market-leading software platform Citrix.

The DataHub connection to Citrix connects clients’ data securely to their Citrix account. Citrix users can enjoy a single view of their data within their Citrix workspace, alongside their unified applications. This allows efficient use of their data when outside the office, improving productivity while providing first class security.

This integration adds to DataHub’s connectivity capabilities, and is offered alongside connections to leading systems such as Salesforce, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

“With this new DataHub integration, our clients benefit from the security and accuracy of DataHub while using the Citrix platform to its fullest potential”, says ETL’s Sales Director, Karl Glenn. “This service offers a wide range of opportunities for enhanced productivity. Our clients are now benefitting from the efficiency of Citrix while relying on the flexible and secure capabilities of DataHub.”

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