ETL launches a new Microsoft Azure integration service

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ETL Solutions has launched a new addition to the company’s DataHub data integration service. To accompany its existing integration with Amazon Web Services, DataHub now also connects to Microsoft Azure, providing more options for client data to be processed in the cloud.

DataHub processes and consolidates a client’s data from disparate sources.  With this new capability, the data is then securely transferred to Azure’s cloud databases. DataHub can also process data in Azure and produce reports sourced within it.

The DataHub connection to Azure provides clients with a range of benefits. In particular, DataHub can be configured to meet each customer’s exact requirements, while the Azure connection builds on this flexibility by offering the freedom to deploy data anywhere.

“With this new service, our clients can benefit from the accuracy and security of DataHub while using Microsoft’s leading cloud service”, says ETL Solutions Sales Director Karl Glenn. “Azure offers secure, scalable and adaptable cloud storage. This new capability means that our clients benefit from Azure’s features while trusting the accuracy and flexibility of DataHub.”

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