ETL Solutions has launched a new addition to the company’s DataHub data integration service. DataHub now connects to Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling client data to be processed in the cloud.

DataHub connects securely to AWS using Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service and RedShift cloud database. Once a client’s data is consolidated within DataHub, the AWS API is used to push the data to data stores on S3. These data stores are called buckets. DataHub takes the processed data in the buckets and transfers the data to the Redshift data warehouse.

The DataHub connection to Redshift provides clients with a range of ways to optimise their data. DataHub can push information to Redshift, extract data from it, or transform existing data within Redshift. To futureproof against increasing volumes of Big Data, DataHub can run queries against even petabytes of data stored in Redshift.

“With this new DataHub capability, our clients can benefit from the accuracy and security of DataHub while using cloud services”, says ETL Solutions Sales Director Karl Glenn. “Amazon Web Services offer fast, scalable cloud storage. Already, our clients are benefitting from AWS’s efficiencies while relying on the robust and flexible capabilities of DataHub.”

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