ETL joins the Cycle To Work Scheme

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ETL is delighted to offer all its employees the opportunity to join the Cycle to Work Scheme. The scheme enables employees to obtain commuter bikes, clothing and accessories through the company at a large discount, whilst spreading the cost over a flexible period of time.

The company will be accessing the scheme via the Green Commute Initiative. There are no end-of-scheme fees and the employee will own his or her¬†bike at the end of the payment period. The scheme covers any bike, including electric, cargo and adapted models, at any price. ETL aims to¬†support employees’ health and fitness goals while helping to improve congestion and air quality in the local area.

Items bought using the scheme will be sourced from the company’s local bike store, Evolution Bikes in Bangor. While employees can join the scheme straight away, ETL’s offices are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and commuting will recommence when it is safe to return.