Transforming technical data in the Oil & Gas industry

With more than a decade of experience in Exploration & Production (E&P) technical data movement, we help some of the industry’s leading companies tackle their diverse data. This sector is where our Transformation Manager data integration and migration software was first deployed, so we intimately understand the challenges involved.

How we can maximise your E&P data

Flexible but proven software.

Our consultants work with you to analyse your business needs and adapt our proven data movement software to suit your requirements. The customised software gives your developers, clients or partners a robust data management platform.

Bespoke integration services.

Our DataHub service integrates disparate networks of data efficiently. DataHub will validate your E&P data, apply business rules and then consolidate the information into your required target system. The service is managed and guaranteed by us to your specific needs, ensuring that the data you require is always available and arrives without any operational impact on your business.

Expert project consultancy.

Our E&P consultants successfully deliver projects in discrete parts or from start to finish. Clients benefit from the use of our robust software, proven methodology and domain knowledge. Using these elements, we migrate even the most complex E&P data on time, to budget and to business expectations.

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