DNS data integration

Expert services to reduce the risk and cost of DMS data integration.

DataHub is our bespoke automotive data integration service. Designed and managed for you by our automotive consultants, DataHub has the know-how to connect with any dealer management system (DMS). Data from your dealers is delivered exactly how and when you need it.

Our DataHub service is currently managing data for…


“Honda has been seeking to achieve dealer network integration for the last ten years. With the help of ETL Solutions, this has finally been achieved. Considering the success, Honda is now planning to extend this approach to the European dealers.”

Michael Doyle, Honda UK

Why our clients love DataHub

Create maximum value from the dealers in your network.

Taking control of your networks can be time-consuming, costly and fraught with risk. Instead, our DataHub service can deliver your data fast and accurately, no matter how your network is structured or how many data sources you have. We guarantee consistent data in the format you need.

Benefit from a proven system.

DataHub has the technology to connect with any database. We’re currently connecting diverse networks for some of the world’s largest organisations. Their data is gathered in a single place, fast and accurately.

Get your data in exactly the format that suits you.

Our clients choose the delivery method and frequency that fits their requirements exactly, from CRMs to databases and more. They often add our optional data analytics modules to interpret and visualise their data quickly.

Pick the data management options you need.

Choose the options within DataHub that are right for you. Data decoding, enrichment, reporting and cleansing can enhance your data during the consolidation process.

Connect with a host of third parties.

DataHub can connect your data seamlessly with your preferred systems. Our connectivity ranges from Salesforce to Amazon Web Services, from Microsoft Azure to your local marketing agency.

Focus on your business while we run your data.

Our consultants implement and manage the DataHub process from start to finish. Our software is easily deployed and the on-going process is managed for you by one of our data management experts.