Data remodelling services

Do more with your data

Feed your data directly into sales, marketing and customer service projects to drive sales and profitability

Data is everywhere, in ever-increasing complexity and volume. But it’s important not to lose sight of your data’s usefulness.

Our DataHub service’s remodelling options enrich and reshape your data to maximise its value. Right now, we are transforming our clients’ raw data into new formats, ready for delivery to a host of profit-driving initiatives.

These are a few of the programmes currently using our remodelled data

Calculating customer lifetime value and upsell opportunities

Triggering customer surveys

Monitoring and reporting product and service aftersales

Activating added value offers

Sending marketing campaigns, including email newsletters and SMS

Planning product recalls

Calculating and levying fees to franchisees

Creating a single source of data on each customer

Automatically deactivating products

Populating customer portals