Conference season is in full swing, and we’ve trawled the conference and exhibition industry for the best, most useful events for people working in data management. To save you time, here’s our round-up of our top recommendations. The list is in chronological order for easy scanning. You’ll find an automotive section for those working in one of our focus industries, plus a generic list of events.

These events are mostly in Europe, which is our geographical area of focus and therefore the area we’ve investigated. If you have events to add to the list, please email them to us via our contact page.

Data management conferences for 2023

  • Data Summit, Boston, 10-11 May 2023: Technologies and strategies for becoming a data-driven business, including topics such as data lakes and AI. Link to event.
  • World Data Summit, Amsterdam, 17-19 May 2023: Topics such as data strategy, future technology, data visualisation, AI, privacy and building a data culture. Link to event.
  • Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, London, 22-24 May 2023: Conference for leaders on topics such as AI, data governance, future trends and data architecture. Link to event.
  • South Europe AI, Data Analytics and Insights Summit, Milan, 25-26 May 2023: Topics including data governance, data quality, data strategy and AI use cases for managers in Southern Europe. Link to event.
  • Dublin Tech Summit, Dublin, 31 May-1 June 2023: Large conference on topics such as AI, cyber security, digital transformation, cloud, diversity, hiring, sustainability, IoT and future tech. Link to event.
  • ODSC Europe, London and online, 14-15 June 2023: Technical data science conference, with a reduced fee to attend online. Link to event.
  • BDA Big Data Analytics, London, 14 June 2023: Conference focused on examples of data and analytics-led innovation. Link to event.
  • Data in Manufacturing & Smart Industry Summit DACH, Munich, 29-30 June 2023: Conference for data managers in manufacturing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Link to event.
  • Big Data London, London, 20-21 September 2023: Large, free-to-attend data and analytics conference and exhibition. Link to event.
  • Data 2030, Singapore, 29 September 2023: Strategic event focused on data management, innovation and AI. Link to event.
  • AI, Data Analytics & Insights Summit North Europe, Stockholm, 12-13 October 2023: UK and Scandinavia-focused conference on topics such as AI and consumer centric analytics. Link to event.
  • Data 2030, Stockholm, 24-25 October 2023: Sister event to the Singapore conference in September for data practitioners in the Nordics. Link to event.
  • AI, Data Analytics & Insights Summit DACH, Munich, 26-27 October 2023: Conference focused on data managers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Link to event.
  • BDA Big Data Analytics. London, 9 November 2023: An autumn version of the BDA June event. Link to event.

Automotive conferences for 2023

While these events are not data management-specific, they do address data-related issues within the topics covered in their agendas.

  • Automotive Logistics Europe, Bonn, 21-23 March 2023: Themes for manufacturers and their suppliers, such as sustainable supply chains and packaging innovation, with some focus on data management. Link to event.
  • Digital Dealer Conference & Expo, Tampa, 1-3 May 2023: Technology for dealers, including data management. Link to event.
  • Automotive Europe, Munich, 16-17 May 2023: Reuters event for senior managers on topics such as electric and autonomous vehicles, with digitisation also addressed within these areas. Link to event.
  • Automotive Retail & CRM, Barcelona, 6-7 June 2023: Management of automotive retail, mostly from the perspective of automotive manufacturers. Link to event.
  • Automotive News Congress, Paris, 14-15 June 2023: This year’s theme is ‘Making Sustainability Profitable’. Link to event.
  • Move, London, 21-22 June 2023: Mobility re-imagined, with topics such as autonomous vehicles and sustainable urban transport. Link to event.
  • SMMT International Automotive Summit, London, 27 June 2023: The UK automotive trade association’s main conference, with senior-level attendees. Link to event.
  • World Automotive Conference, Istanbul, 5 September 2023: Global trends, but focused on the automotive industry in Turkey. Link to event.
  • IAA Mobility, Munich, 5-8 September 2023: A large event for mobility event offers manufacturers, suppliers, tech companies, service providers and startups. Link to event.
  • Women in Automotive Summit, Stuttgart, 20 September 2023: A platform to celebrate women in automotive, highlighting ways organisations can drive change. Link to event.
  • Automotive IT International Congress, Berlin, 20 September 2023: A focus on technology and digitisation. Link to event.
  • American Automotive Summit, Detroit, 25-26 October 2023: An annual platform to exchange ideas surrounding the impact of market dynamics and new technologies. Link to event.
  • AutoTech Europe, Berlin, 15-16 November 2023: Event bringing decision-makers in the auto industry together to collaborate and find new business models to stay competitive. Link to event.