The global nature of the automotive industry means that data often has to be integrated across different markets and diverse Dealership Management Systems (DMS).  This case study illustrates how we extract data from different systems, creating seamless integration of all the different formats.

The challenge

Snap-on Business Solutions’ Prism product provides sophisticated analysis and reporting services to automotive dealers and manufacturers.  The challenge was to develop an efficient process for extracting accurate service, repairs, counter sales and parts data daily from dealerships for use in Prism.  (Click here for ideas on how dealerships can use their data to boost profitability.)

The solution

Our DataHub integration service is used to obtain extracts from range of Dealer Management Systems (DMS) in different markets.  For instance, we integrate data in France from dealers’ I’Car and DCSNet systems, and in the Netherlands using EVA systems.

Daily data extracts are securely collected overnight via the internet, with minimal processing required at the dealership.  The information collected includes parts stock, services, repairs and parts counter sales.  The data is transferred to our DataHub, a core that forms the central part of the dealership data network, with points that are data sources.  The software enables the core to share data bi-directionally with any number of sources.

The data is aggregated, replicated, converted and loaded into a target data store, before being transmitted to Prism.  Once established, the DataHub operates automatically through a central configuration management facility.  The software manages any changes in functionality, maintenance routines or software updates, and then deploys them automatically to each location or point.  This reduces the burden of maintenance on the dealer and maintains a full audit trail.

After the data is passed to Prism, further enhanced processing occurs and data can be viewed by the manufacturer and dealers.  The result is a system of accurate integration with minimal risk and increased transparency.  The process is now being expanded to 200 dealers in France, over 100 in Belgium and a similar number in the Netherlands, providing Snap-on with complete control of the dealerships’ data.

Click here to find out more about our DMS data integration services.

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