The Challenge

Snap-on Business Solutions’ Prism product provides sophisticated analysis and reporting services to automotive dealers and manufacturers. The challenge was to develop an efficient process for extracting accurate service, repairs, counter sales and parts data daily from dealerships for use in Prism.

The Solution

Our DataHub service was implemented to obtain extracts from range of dealer management systems (DMS) in different markets. For instance, we integrate data in France from dealers’ I’Car and DCSNet systems, from Carfac DMS in Belgium, and in the Netherlands using EVA systems. The process is now being expanded.

The information collected includes data on parts stock, services and repairs and parts counter sales. Daily extracts are collected overnight, with minimal processing required at the dealership. Data is transferred to our DataHub, where data processing ensures that the information is accurate and complete. All data is passed to Prism, where further enhanced processing occurs and data can be viewed by the manufacturer and dealers.

The result is a system of accurate integration with minimal risk and increased transparency. Snap-on have complete control of the dealerships’ data.

“ETL Solutions are an essential component in our overall offer and bring an industry-leading technology platform that allows SBS to focus on our business improvement goals without worrying about the mechanics of getting the data.” Sid Murrey, Snap-on Business Solutions