Accurately aggregrating automotive data

Most automotive manufacturers and their suppliers have streams of incoming data from dealerships. But how do you accurately aggregate this data into a single, organised set of information?

To meet defined service levels and enable effective decision making, data must flow between manufacturers, their suppliers and their dealer network. However, this can be complicated because dealerships often use different dealer management systems (DMS), making information exchange difficult.

We developed our DataHub service to overcome these challenges.


Introducing DataHub

Our DataHub service solves the complex problem of combining data from multiple DMS. It provides visibility of, and access to, information right across the dealership network. You receive an up-to-date and accurate view of multiple streams, ranging from parts inventory to customer information.

DataHub securely extracts data from multiple DMS via the internet. The data is then aggregated and processed to your exact specification before being transmitted to you or your suppliers. You have the flexibility to choose the frequency of extraction and the format the data is delivered in.

Smooth operational flow.

Once established, DataHub operates automatically through a central configuration management facility. This manages any changes in functionality, maintenance routines or software updates, and deploys them automatically to each location. New dealerships are added by our automotive team using our tested process. This reduces the burden of maintenance on both the dealer and the manufacturer.

First rate security.

DataHub can be deployed in two ways: on secure servers at our data centre; or at a physical location of your choice. In either scenario, we do not have access to actual client data. Together with the use of 2048 bit encryption, this ensures an extremely high level of data security. The system is fully GDPR-compliant.

Total flexibility.

Once your data is received by our data centre, DataHub will process it to your exact requirements. Choose options including data cleansing, data de-duplication, data enrichment, data analytics and data quality. The data is then converted into the format of your choice, or uploaded into your databases, dashboards or customer relationship management system.

Proven technology.

Reduce risk by using a system that’s already processing data for leading automotive manufacturers. DataHub can handle data from even the most difficult of dealer management systems.

Full support.

Our automotive experts provide total support and a named point of contact. They will manage all aspects of the planning, deployment and use of DataHub, providing peace-of-mind and a straightforward implementation.

“Integrating dealer networks can be challenging since dealer systems used often vary wildly. ETL Solutions has been able to streamline this process, which is why we chose them as our European data extraction partner.”

Peter M. Leger, MSXi

Do great things with your data

For the manufacturer:

  • Marketing campaign efficiencies through information visiblity
  • Improved just-in-time delivery through parts forecasting
  • Better customer experience and targeted service delivery
  • Improved relationships with dealers

For the dealer:

  • Rapid communication for better customer service
  • Lower inventory costs through efficient and automatic parts forecasting
  • Enhanced revenue opportunities through better customer data
  • Improved relationship with the manufacturer