Running an efficient and profitable business relies on having a 360-degree view of the different parts of the organisation.  Having that complete picture enables you to make decisions that are effective, timely and profitable.

The challenge

In the current economy, businesses are seeking ways to become more competitive, more efficient, and more able to anticipate and meet client needs.  Businesses with a holistic view of their departments, suppliers and customers, and how those different areas interact with each other, are in a stronger position to make more successful decisions.

All aspects of the business produce and require information.  The ability to provide the best service or product depends on the flow, control and visibility of this information.  Problems tend to occur when parts of the business use different software applications or methods of storing information.  This can make the process of accessing and analysing data extremely difficult and costly.  Often there are duplications of effort across different databases, costs incurred by multiple software licenses, and data protection issues.


The solution

Data consolidation is the process of putting all an organisation’s data in one integrated place.  The process requires software or consultancy to extract the information from multiple formats and locations.  The benefits to your business include:

  • Management information is now at your fingertips
  • Having data all in one place improves productivity and efficiency
  • Operating costs are usually reduced
  • It is easier to meet data protection laws and requirements
  • You can use better customer data to create closely targeted campaigns.

At ETL Solutions we’ve been integrating disparate sources of data for over a decade.  Our data migration and integration software, Transformation Manager, extracts and migrates data from different formats.  And our DataHub software access datastores via the internet processes the data into a common format and loads it into a target data store.

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