MOBIS Parts Europe manufactures and manages parts and accessories for Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors. Operating in numerous European countries, the organisation’s reach and scale means that the flow of data between Hyundai and Kia dealers and MOBIS is complex and wide-ranging.

ETL was asked to provide MOBIS with a stream of consolidated data from the Hyundai and Kia dealers in multiple countries, including France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Hungary. In particular, there was a need to standardise parts sales and parts stock data so that the MOBIS team had accurate, timely information for monitoring and decision-making purposes.

The size of the company’s operations meant that the project involved data from 427 dealers using 26 different dealer management systems. These systems ranged from CDK’s EVA and Dracar+ systems to Reynolds & Reynolds’ DCS Net. Our consultants implemented a bespoke version of our DataHub service to provide a precise and up-to-date flow of data. The system is tailored to MOBIS’s exact requirements, including the implementation of specific data quality rules. The data is collected daily over the internet from each dealer’s system and then delivered overnight to MOBIS.

The DataHub service includes reporting of errors in the source data, allowing rapid issue resolution. Change handling is managed by our consultants, ensuring that MOBIS’s data continues to flow smoothly. Responsive support is supplied by named data integration experts, and the service has the flexibility to add new inputs or outputs as required.

The success of the implementation means that we have now been asked to expand the system to more European countries.